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Restoring Mobility and Harmony

We believe in balance and seek to eliminate and prevent discomfort and maximize the overall health and well-being of your equine partner. Dr. Katja Auer uses mixed modalities to support your animal to attain and maintain a naturally healthy state.

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Equine Osteopathy

About Katja

Meet Dr. Katja Auer, Your Personalized Wellness Consultant

In the 1990s, Dr. Katja Auer's tenure with veterinarians sparked a quest to enhance equine well-being beyond conventional methods. Her dedication to aiding horses led her to explore diverse modalities aimed at prevention, expedited healing, and optimizing their performance or comfort. With a profound commitment to equine welfare, she continuously expands her expertise through ongoing education and practice, tailoring her approach to suit each horse's unique needs. Driven by the understanding that no singular method or device provides a universal solution, she emphasizes the importance of thorough assessment. Collaborating closely with owners, trainers, veterinarians, and fellow practitioners, she believes in a holistic team approach for the best possible care of the animals.

Our Approach to Holistic Wellness

The focus of our bodywork is to seek prevention of discomfort - physical and psychological - for your equine partner. We believe in developing a personalized plan to restore your horse's mobility and comfort. Our multi-modality approach includes:

Equine Massage


Equine Reiki


Equine Accupresssure


Saddle Fitting Experts

Cold Laser 

Saddle Fitter Houston, TX

Saddle Fitting

Equi-Tape Consultant Houston, TX


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Equine Acupressure

What Our Clients Say

I'm thrilled with the results my horse has gotten from Katie's treatments. Trace has longstanding muscle soreness, specifically in the gluteals but radiating to the back neck. He was never lame and x-rays were clean. I saw substantial improvements with Katja's first session...

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Sharon Best, Eventing Rider

Katja came out to look at my mare's back and after an evaluation, she found that she was sore underneath the panels due to an ill fitting saddle. She identified the problem very quickly and was able to refer me to an excellent master saddler. I can highly recommend her skilled service. Katja is a dressage rider herself and has a wealth of knowledge.

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Brigitte Englahner, Dressage Rider

I have honestly noticed a big difference in my competition horses after Katja's work. The combination of Acupressure and the cold laser make a huge difference and help relieve sore and tight muscles. Recently, Katja worked on a 4 year old horse for me who was literally unable to trot after running into the stall frame between his stall and the run. Katja worked on his shoulder area where he has hit the stall and 2 days later he was 75% better...

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Amelia Newcomb USDF Gold Medalist

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