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Dr. Katja Auer of Wellness Consultants, LLC offers a multi-modality holistic health service tailored for equines, encompassing a comprehensive approach to well-being. Through a blend of various bodywork modalities, saddle fitting, and nutritional guidance, Dr. Auer aims to optimize the physical and emotional health of each horse under her care, fostering a balanced and thriving lifestyle.


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Equine osteopathy has been adapted from human osteopathy and translated to the anatomical and physiological needs of the equine. ​

As osteopaths, we work on the body as a whole, meaning we want to include all systems of the body with the goal to restore the body's mobility.

Dr. Katja Auer also offers craniosacral therapy which focuses on the subtle movements of the craniosacral system, consisting of the skull, spine, and sacrum, to address imbalances and optimize the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.


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Dr. Katja Auer specializes in Reiki for equines tailored to the specific needs of horses. Through her compassionate approach, Dr. Auer fosters holistic well-being and emotional balance in equine companions, promoting harmony between mind, body, and spirit. With her expertise, she strives to enhance the overall health and vitality of horses, creating a deeper connection between horse and human.

Saddle Fitting


Dr. Katja Auer, an expert in equine biomechanics, emphasizes the critical importance of proper saddle fitting for equines. Her approach integrates anatomical considerations with dynamic movement analysis to ensure optimal comfort and performance for both horse and rider. Through her practice, she strives to enhance equine welfare and rider experience by providing guidance with saddle designs that accommodate the horse's biomechanics and rider balance.

Cold Laser


Dr. Katja Auer specializes in cold laser applications for equines, utilizing non-invasive light wavelengths to target specific areas of discomfort or injury in horses. Her approach focuses on promoting tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and enhancing overall healing, providing a gentle and effective option for equine athletes. Please note regulatory requirements for each State. We gladly provide this service under the direct supervision of your equines attending Veterinarian. 


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Acupressure for equines involves applying gentle pressure to specific acupoints on a horse's body to alleviate tension, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. Through skilled techniques and a deep understanding of equine anatomy, practitioners aim to enhance the physical and emotional health of horses, fostering a harmonious balance within their bodies.



The effect of Equi-Tape® is based on its ability to interact with the horses skin and associated neurosensor and mechanoreceptors. Elastic kinesiology Equi-Tape® does not compress the tissue, rather it “lifts” the tissue allowing for increased circulation. This lifting principle behind the decompression influences and thereby impacts how pain receptors respond to the messages associated with swelling and or inflammation which helps relieve pain. It is also used to support and stabilize horses joints.

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