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About Wellness Consultants

Equine Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Katja Auer

Wellness Consultants, LLC

Dr. Katja Auer founded Wellness Consultants Group LLC with a mission to restore mobility.


Dr. Katja is passionate about your horse’s well being and seeks to eliminate and prevent discomfort and maximize the performance potential of your equine partner. Her role is that of facilitator, assisting your animal to attain and maintain a naturally healthy state. Sessions are tailored specifically to your horse's needs. She has extensively studied and is certified in modalities such as Equine Massage, Acupressure, The Five-Element Theory, Reiki, Myofascial Release, Equine Osteopathy EDO, Cold Laser, and Kinesiology Taping to her program plus is well versed on equine nutrition. She had the distinct pleasure to learn from Dr. Kerry Ridgway DVM, who taught her saddle fitting, evaluation and basics of farrier science. Dr. Katja is one of a few equine bodyworkers with the most diverse education and toolboxes of various equine bodywork modalities available. By integrating modalities, she knows how to maximize each session for your horse achieving results.

Education & Experience

Dr. Katja Auer moved from Germany to the United States in 1992. She began riding horses as a young child and was hooked on horses and riding ever since she can remember. In Germany, she showed dressage and jumping, rode in foxhunts and also as balance for her and her horses did a lot of trail riding and carriage driving. She earned her German FN Bronze Certifications in Riding and Carriage Driving right before she moved to the United States.


While she was completing her university graduate studies in chemistry in the late 90’s she kept gravitating to veterinary science and decided to volunteer her time at large and small animal veterinary clinics to decide if she wanted to purse a path in veterinary medicine. Spending nearly 3 years with large animal veterinarians in the field she realized that her focus gravitated towards holistic approaches.

She deeply cares about horses and over the years has spent extensive time broadening her education and practice on various equine-wellness modalities to offer the most suitable approach for each horse. She has learned that there is not one method or one device that “fixes” issues, but rather, proper assessment is key. Working closely with Owners, Trainers, Veterinarians and other practitioners as a team offers the best care for the animal.

1999 Masters of Arts – University of Arizona. Graduate classes in animal anatomy & physiology, equine nutrition, chemistry, and microbiology.


2001 Certified Equinology® Equine Body Worker (EEBW) (Equinology® is the only Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education approved school currently that is strictly dedicated to equine and canine bodywork; Equinology is an approved veterinary continuing education provider for RACE; the Equinology® Approach stands out because it is comprehensively anatomically referenced)


2002 Dr. Kerry J. Ridgway, DVM, Equine Therapeutic Options – Saddle fit, Farrier Science, Musculo-Skeletal Problems Associated with Equine G.I. Ulcers


2008 Reiki Level II – by Hanne Kaestle following the Usui System


2009 Master of Business Administration – University of LaVerne


2014 Equine Acupressure Practitioner – by Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute (completed over 300 units in Equine Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine) (Approved by National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage and Approved Provider National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork))


2014 Diploma recipient USDF University


2014 Cold Laser Class 3b (Respond Systems, Inc.)


2015 Myofascial Release I & II following the John Barnes Method (taught by Ruth Mitchell-Golladay via Equinology®)

2016 Equi-Tape certified

2020 Equine Osteopath EDO (Registered by IREO)

2023 Doctor of Education - Health Science - University of Houston

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